Design your Breath, Design your Life

First of all, what on Earth is Breathwork?

Breathwork is breathing, but in a specific way.
Really, it's that simple!

The respiratory system directly influences every other system in your body. Basically, by learning to master your breath, you are able to master your body.

This means that with breathwork you can

Heal emotional addictions
Reduce stress and anxiety
Reclaim your voice
Think more clearly
Improve digestion
Sleep better

Breathwork is simple, easy to learn, and can be practiced anywhere by anyone (that means you!)

You Might Say I'm Breath Obsessed

I used to live as an angry victim.
I was letting my life happen to me.
My self-worth was zero. I felt silenced.
It was when I discovered breathwork that everything changed.
Now, it’s my mission to help as many people as I can.

Using breathwork and modern coaching practices, I guide you through a process built on three pillars

Let Go

What no longer serves you?
Break up with your past
Emerge with a clear foundation


What do you really want?
How do you want to feel?
Design the life of your choosing


With a clear roadmap
You now have the tools to
Empower yourself to live

Still Unsure What This is All About?

I get it. This whole idea of breath-work sounds a little strange. If you could try it out for free, would you be willing? I’ve recorded a gentle, easy to follow, five minute breathing session just for you. You’re just a few clicks away from feeling clearer, calmer, and more connected.

Have you taken your Morning Medicine yet?